About Humanity in Everything

Our founder had a vision that had been building during his career in consumer product goods, sales, and marketing. The vision was a direct result of his interaction with thousands of clients and producers alike. One day, while he was enjoying one of the beverages he represented, he took a good hard look in the glass and asked himself, I wonder if the people who manufactured my beverage, (the driver who delivered it, the person who picked the fruit for the beverage, the warehouse person who carried the boxes etc.) has the same quality of life as I do. The years took our founder to many more meetings. On one occasion while visiting a field where the fruit to make his favorite beverage was being picked, he met a man who was directing this step in the process of manufacturing. He interviewed the man in the field, (it was a hot day in July somewhere on the planet). HIE’s founder asked him the following questions:

  • HIE Founder: "Do you and your team work long hours in the field?"
  • The man answered, "Sun-up through to the night with many teams and shifts".
  • HIE Founder: Do you have a lot of protection from the heat, and the other elements?
  • The man answered, "Not much."
  • HIE Founder, "How about protection for your hands?".
  • The man answered, "Very simple."
  • HIE Founder, “How about water?”
  • Again the man answered in the same way.Our founder was amazed while looking at this man in his 50-60’s with the weathered, deeply tanned skin and very simple garb. He also noticed the well-worn hat with the holes in it. So our founder asked one last question. The man's answer launched the Humanity in Everything© initiative.
  • HIE Founder: "How do you feel after so many years living on the job the same way?"
  • The man humbly answered, "This is the lot I’ve been handed."

Our founder realized that he could no longer appreciate the clothes, shoes, food, beverages, computer, and anything else he enjoyed without understanding that a human had been involved in its manufacture, delivery, and everything else that had to do with it. HIE’s founder realized there is a humanity in everything we consume each day. This brought him to the perfect name for our company: "Humanity in Everything." Our company is committed to breaking the poverty cycle in the by supporting humanity. There is more to come…

Humanity in Everything LLC is the little startup company which harnesses the expertise of top industry professionals to create, market, educate, and promote products who will support the Humanity in Everything produced.